Clean Language

How We’re Selling Our Online Training – Using Clean Language

We’ve been rushed off our feet for the last two months. We’ve worked with United Nations agencies, international NGOs, commercial businesses and lots of individual trainers, consultants and freelances to help them take their great-in-the-room events, meetings and training online. It seemed unreasonable to say “no” to clients who needed what we had to offer …

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Metaphorum: What’s The MetaPhormula?

A couple of weeks ago, 120+ people from at least 21 countries spent more than 12 hours online together in an immersive, interactive, online-video experience, Metaphorum 2019. It’s the fourth time I’ve staged one of these for the Clean Language community, and this was arguably the most successful so far – not least because the …

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Building Trust With Clean Language

Within organisations and around the business world, one of the most useful ways to use Clean Language is to build trust – including amongst people who feel different from each other. That difference might be described as a cultural gap, or in language like “them and us” or “silos”. But more often the challenge isn’t …

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