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By Judy Rees

After more than ten years of using and teaching Clean Language worldwide, and seeing the impact it had on change agents worldwide, I gathered the top questions and answers in one place. 

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  • How does Clean Language help people to change – even when they are really stuck?
  • Do we really use six metaphors per minute?
  • What are the rules of Clean Language?
  • Can Clean Language be combined with other techniques
  • Can I use Clean Language on myself
  • What are the safety precautions for using Clean Language and metaphor?

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"Learn from Judy. Learn these skills and I promise you will be able to charge more money for your services because you will be providing more value and you will feel more confident.”

John Morgan

“Awesome ebook about metaphor and listening and creating space for another's thinking. I guess this won't be free for long.”

Olaf Lewitz

“This book eloquently describes the wonders and deep power of Clean Language and metaphor, in a way that drives you to acquire a deeper understanding so as to implement the techniques in the ‘real world’.”

Ashley Meerloo

"Very cool and complete ebook. A great introduction for anybody interested in Clean Language.”

Antonio Meza

"A very detailed and to-the-point book that makes sense of Clean in a readable, friendly, practical and conversational way. A book to return to time and time again.”

Eimear Stassin

"Very useful in clarifying and making understandable what many of the Clean community manage to make more complicated than it may actually be."

Eric F

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