What’s So Good About Clean Language?

What kind of problems has Clean language solved for you? Why has learning it been valuable?

Those are the questions I’ve been asking my students recently as I prepare to launch a new recorded course. Clean Language Essentials For Coaching is what people have been asking for – short, sharp, practical, and focussed on how to usefully combine Clean Language with your existing toolkit.

But to get the marketing right, the experts tell me, I need to get even more specific about what value people are getting, and the problems it will solve.

I thought you might be interested in what I’ve discovered so far.

Here are some of the useful effects my students reported, either from learning Clean Language in general, or from my existing recorded online course, Metaphor Mastery, in particular.

“In nearly all conversations I have these days, I ask “what would you like to have happen?” as well as the Lazy Jedi questions, and have experienced much richer, more in-depth conversations. I use clean on sales calls, on coaching calls, even with friends & family. No ill side effects!” Brian Farrell

“Judy’s course (and coaching) offers the best ROI that I know of. And Clean Language is the way to go – it delivers quick, powerful and lasting results and change … but only if you dive in and do it!” Andrew Joy

“I’m a lot more curious about words that I usually wouldn’t inquire about.” Irene Kuhn

“It is the effect of creating a more curious and listening atmosphere in the room. Clean Language kind of dampens the desire in the room for people argument for their solutions or what is of highest importance.” Johan Nordin

“Applying these deceptively simple techniques within my job in software development, I am able to rapidly understand what others mean and assist them to discover and clarify what is important. It has been invaluable in exploring requirements, establishing priorities, facilitating meetings, recruitment and coaching. I use the skills in a conversational manner without any introduction to what I am doing. I would recommend this course to…. anyone. People who may draw most benefit from this course are those who work with any form of requirement gathering, coaching, change work or management.” Ray Whiting

“Do it, it’s life changing.” Jackie Lawlor 

“Those moments when a vivid metaphor emerges from a simple phrase or word are simply miraculous.” Daryl Green

“The life coach training I took used Socratic questioning coupled with NLP to analyze the answers. I’m an Autistic coach working with Autistic clients; trying to analyze whether the statement I heard was a distortion or deletion, while trying to decide which of 21 questions to ask next, on the fly, that’s a lot to process. Clean Language simplifies it enormously. Its still a processing load, listening for metaphors, problems, remedies, & outcomes, but it’s much less nebulous. Plus, my coach training focused a lot on emotions, but many of us on the spectrum have alexithymia, the feelings are there but we have trouble identifying what they are and putting names on them. The ‘feeling to metaphor ‘ technique is incredibly valuable here. even if the client still can’t name what they’re feeling, they now have a means to explore and better understand it, and get a shape of how to deal with it. Clean Language has been a huge improvement for my practice and my clients.” Ronnie Ellis

“A small investment for a brighter future!” John Wayne McSweeney

  • What would you add here? What problems has learning Clean Language solved for you – as a coach, or in another context? Please comment below.

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