Why Do Virtual Team Leaders Love Clean Language?

Why do virtual team leaders love Clean Language?

To be more precise, I should talk about why they love the benefits of using Clean Language across their virtual team. Because while the tool can make a profound difference to how the members of a virtual team work together, they don’t need to love it to use it!

And when they do use it, a few consistent themes emerge – at least, according to the case studies and testimonials I’ve assembled over the last few years.

Typically, using Clean Language as a team:

  • improves communication between team members
  • highlights hidden individual strengths
  • reduces misunderstandings
  • improves productivity
  • improves creative problem solving
  • builds processes for mutual support
  • increases engagement
  • makes meetings and conference calls more interesting – even fun
  • provides a framework to resolve conflicts.

All that comes on top of the benefits of using Clean Language as an individual. Typically, it will help team members to:

  • clearly define their objectives
  • decide on the best strategy to achieve those goals
  • speak up about what matters to them
  • understand how they function at their best
  • understand how others function differently to them
  • develop increased self-awareness
  • listen more effectively
  • gather more complete information by asking better questions
  • give better feedback.

That’s not bad from a list of 12 questions, is it?

  • What other benefits would virtual teams get from learning the Clean Language questions? Please comment below.

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