How To Use Clean Language At Christmas

Clean Language can be used to facilitate “peace and love” at Christmas. That’s not just my view – it’s the experience of students on my Metaphor Mastery course.

In this post, I want to share a few of the ways that can be done.

By the way, there are more than 300 Metaphor Mastery students now, all over the world. They link up initially in a Facebook group, then team up to practice what they’re learning in twos and threes via Skype or Zoom video calls. Often, the calls span oceans, and on other occasions people find practice partners close to them. This week, two people in Singapore connected through the course. So, Clean Language is building worldwide friendships at a very straightforward level.

But what about the questions themselves? How can we use them to spread peace and love? Specifically, by directing people’s attention. Where attention goes, energy flows.

  • You could ask the 2 Lazy Jedi Questions about people’s favourite times this year, or their happy memories from childhood. And you could use the Power Switch Question to help them focus on what they want, rather than on what they don’t want. Here’s how:

And here’s a specific example of using this process with a young child:

(That’s James Tripp in the video, by the way. Did I mention that he and I will be jointly leading a Clean Language For Hypnotists workshop in January?)

  • You could use Clean Set Up either on your own, or with your partner, to get clear about what you want and what you need for that to happen. When you know what you want it’s much easier to get it – and it’s easier still when you’ve told your nearest and dearest and asked for their help. Here’s a demo:

  • You could, as one student suggested, bring together all the warring factions in the world and give them a Clean Language coaching session! While Clean Language is widely used in mediation, that sounds a bit challenging for this week. But you could start small. Clean Language is great for helping the two sides in any argument to step out of mutual blaming, to understand each other, and to find constructive ways forward. Grab a copy of Clean Language In The Classroom to teach your kids the basics.
  • And you could get your own, personal metaphor for when you’re at your best, and use it as a talisman. Turns out that when I’m feeling at my best this Christmas, I’m like Professor Branestorm 🙂 Here’s how I got there:

  • How else could you use Clean Language to facilitate peace and love this Christmas? Please comment below.

2 thoughts on “How To Use Clean Language At Christmas”

  1. Really enjoyed this post like a baby. A baby who is wide eyed at the new world all about. Listening, watching, even imitating to oneself to try it out.

    Thanks Judy, I’m really learning a new way of looking at Clean Language which before I used as polite conversation but now see as a focused tool. Like a laser. A laser of tunable colors shining on an unknown material that reflects back to the spectrophotometer it’s innate qualities.

  2. It occurred to me as I contemplated your question, that I was feeling more peaceful. The simple redirection of thinking to peace was having a calming influence, taking me from an irritated and anxious state to one of quiet restfulness.

    So maybe it’s simply a matter of encouraging people to ask themselves, “When I’m at my most peaceful, I am like what?”

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