Trailing An Online Unconference

How do you promote an event like Metaphorum 2018? It’s en event co-created by its participants: more or less anything could happen. The agenda will emerge from whatever people want to have happen. It’s even possible that nothing might happen.

It’s not very likely, though! A quick glance at the attendees’ list on the Eventbrite page tells me that. James L. Wendy S. Olaf L. Annemiek V. Andrea C. Greta I. Fernando F. Gael M… to me, it’s a roll-call of amazing Clean adventurers with stories, ideas and practical advice to share. Just in the short list I’ve specified, we’ve got two continents and four native languages covered. The footprint expands even more when you check all 68 names!

But I appreciate that not everyone who’s “Clean curious” knows everyone. It’s not that easy to make sense of an anonymised list. And if you weren’t at either of the two earlier Metaphorums (Metaphora?), it’s probably hard to imagine how this will work.

If you’re not used to using video meetings for close, even intense, conversations, it’s tricky to imagine how “real” conversations can happen online. And if you’re not used to unconferences and other emergent events, Open Space Technology sounds like a recipe for chaos.

The little video trailer above was an attempt to address this. And, I’ve put together a web page here with more information.

What else would help you to decide to attend Metaphorum 2018? Please comment below.



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