How Top Communicators Benefit From Clean Language

In a couple of my current projects, I’m teaching Clean Language to some of the best communicators out there.

Examples include:

  • Agile coaches, who support self-managing teams of highly-intelligent professionals and tend to have a very sophisticated understanding of how to get people working better together
  • Hypnotists, who’ve spent years learning how to use language to help people make big life changes
  • Organ transplant requestors, whose job is to approach bereaved families to ask for their loved-ones organs.

So why should these guys, with all their training and experience, value something as apparently simple as Clean Language? After all, it’s just 12 questions, isn’t it?

I think the key is that Clean Language works as a force multiplier. When you add it to your existing communication toolkit, as well as being useful in its own right it makes everything else more effective. And it does that by helping you to understand the structure of communication: why the things that work, work.

And that can offer significant pointers to what might work even more effectively. For example, adding an insight from Clean Feedback to Non-Violent Communication makes NVC work better.

By their nature, Clean Language questions are stripped of any fluff or padding. That means that as you use them, especially in classroom exercises, you can see what each question does. You don’t get lost in the content, or in trying to fix your client’s problems for them. You can see how, by changing what you do, you can help another person to do their best thinking.

It’s also important that Clean Language also works well in complex situations. It’s all about probe-sense-respond – and that’s what the best communicators already do.

And all that’s before you even get into talking about working with metaphor, the atom of thought. Once great communicators realise that the metaphors in someone’s language can be a window into the structure of their unconscious thoughts, then things really take off!

  • I’m currently putting together a short, sharp online course, Clean Language Essentials. What would you like to be included? Please message me using the contact form.

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