The Must-Sees of NLP Conference

Who's going to NLP Conference this weekend? If so, what would you like to have happen? If you'll be there, I wonder if you're already planning your timetable? It's a conundrum every year - which sessions to go to, which to miss? One thing I've learned as a regular attender is that the sessions are only  part of the whole conference experience. There are some fabulous speakers - and some of the most valuable learning takes place outside the formal sessions. So the bit I'm looking forward to most is networking - I'm delighted that networking is again officially timetabled this year. If you're there, do grab me and say hello! There's a must-see on almost every session. Here's my shortlist: Friday: I can't be there, but if you have the chance catch Frank Pucelik, NLP's "third man" Saturday morning: If you're a regular reader of this blog you won't miss Iain McGilchrist. He's no NLPer, but Sue Bayliss appears with him as "translator". If you can't squeeze into Iain's session, try metaphor man Nick Owen Saturday lunchtime: Lynne Cooper's Clean Language-based model, The Five-Minute Coach, looks set to be the next big thing in corporate work when her book comes out next year. Make sure you grasp it! Saturday afternoon: Shelle Rose Charvet is always good value. But I might play my wild card and hear Susan Martle on questions for branding - I don't know her, never heard her before, but it looks interesting. Saturday teatime: Clean enthusiasts have a tough decision to make: Wendy Sullivan or Caitlin Walker? Both great trainers with great ideas! And then there's Fran Burgess on Anxiety. Expect to find me dithering in the corridor… Saturday evening: If I've managed my energy well enough, Gerry Thompson's session looks a good one. Loads of friends are currently doing improv and comedy training - maybe it'll be my next move. Sunday morning: Another corridor-dithering moment: Penny Tompkins and James Lawley versus Charles Faulkner. And then there's Art Giser - highly recommended by a close friend. Sunday lunchtime: I  met Jackie Arnold at an event last week: just the few minutes we chatted was enough to put her session on my shortlist. Sunday afternoon: Katrina Patterson is UK NLP's secret weapon! Sunday teatime: Any steam left? Save the last gasp for another wild card - Arthur Sackrule on the charm of problems. What do you think? Agree with my choices? Am I talking rubbish? Please comment below.  

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