The Core Clean Language Questions

Want a handy list of the core Clean Language questions? Here goes: Developing Questions
  • What kind of X (is that X)?
  • is there anything else about X?
  • Where is X? or (And) whereabouts is X?
  • Is there a relationship between X and Y?
  • When X, what happens to Y?
  • That’s X like what?
Sequence and Source
  • Then what happens?
  • What happens just before X?
  • Where could X come from?
Intention Questions
  • What would X like to have happen?
  • What needs to happen for X?
  • Can X (happen)?
For more about the core Clean Language questions and how to use them, get the book

7 thoughts on “The Core Clean Language Questions”

  1. Great material for people in face to face sales and customer relationship management not just coaching. Exploring the inner workings of the mind in complex sales is invaluable. Will be in touch soon. Peter.

  2. This is a brilliant book. It has inspired me so many times and I loved doing the exercises. I learnt great stuff about myself and my metaphors and felt relief when I could use the questions to help me reframe anxious thoughts. Highly recommended!

  3. Dave Isherwood

    I attended a talk given by Judy (on Hitting the Sweet Spot) recently, having realised already that clean language was something I needed to know more about. Really enjoyed the evening and have just made a start on reading the book. I cant wait to try the clean questions in my sports coaching – it will be fascinating to find out how much more I will learn about the young people I work with. I am genuinely excited about learning more about clean language and the use of metaphors.

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