The Art Of Hosting Great Online Meetings

“This is a real art form!” exclaimed a Remote Meetings Masterclass participant the other night. I reckon he was spot on.

Hosting great remote meetings is certainly an art, not a science. 

There’s science involved, of course. There’s all that communications technology. But beyond a certain basic level, it’s not the technology that really matters. 

Playing with the metaphor, it’s obvious that painters need to understand their paints, with their capabilities and limitations; what’s likely to happen when they paint on canvas, on paper, on plaster; how to mix colours, and so on. 

But understanding the fundamental technology of painting isn’t what makes a painter into an artist. 

What does? That’s a biggish question! This blog post makes a good stab at an answer. For something to be art, says Emily Wenstrom, it needs:

  • Creativity
  • Skill
  • Engagement
  • Meaning.

The kind of remote-meeting hosting that I practice and teach definitely fits that bill!

And here’s another clue: the metaphors being used. Lisette and I talk about Online Meetings That Rock. We talk about creating great online meetings.  Other colleagues are Conference Weaving or taking the Art Of Hosting online. 

Now I’m wondering. For you, if hosting great online meetings is an art form… for you, that’s an art form like… what? Please comment!



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