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Discover the 3 biggest communication problems killing your team's productivity - and how to fix them

In 30 minutes, discover the key to boosting productivity in your virtual team.

I've used this process to help leaders, managers and coaches of distributed teams worldwide get to the heart of the matter.

Fancy online communication tools may make big promises - but at the end of the day collaboration comes down to human behaviour.

What people say. How people listen. What happens next.

Evolution has designed us to communicate face-to-face, and the move to scattered working requires a shift. But it doesn't have to be a battle.

Some straightforward steps can bring your people up to speed, quickly.

By the end of our conversation you'll have a strategic plan for virtual communication that delivers - specifically for your team.

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You'll be chatting to Judy Rees

I've been working in and with virtual teams for more than 30 years, since before the term "virtual team" was invented.

Nowadays I love to work with software development and other technical teams, and to help them connect with their colleagues and customers.

I was a featured speaker at the world's first Distributed Agile conference in Berlin in 2015.

I'm the co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors And Opening Minds (now available in Russian and Japanese) and work internationally as a trainer and coach. I'm a Fellow of the RSA, lead the RSA London group on Reinventing Work, and hold a Masters degree in Media Technology Administration from London University of the Arts.

  • “People are now engaging more effectively with each other. They are also being more productive as they are structuring their questions and comments rather than rattling off a series of unstructured thoughts.

    “Another positive impact that we have seen is the reduction in conflicts due to misunderstandings. This can be a big time waster causing confusion and frustration.”

    Corinne Knight, BSkyB (London, UK)

  • “The biggest change is in proactivity. People are more effective, and clear about their priorities.

    “We are all better at asking more thoughtful, productive questions that lead to clarity and to concrete actions. And ultimately, we’re happier, because things are managed in a coordinated way and get done.”

    Mike Pejcic, Interpeace (Geneva, Switzerland, and international)

Discover the 3 biggest communication problems killing your virtual team's productivity - and how to fix them

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