Suddenly *Training* From Home? Grab This

If you teach adults, you’re probably well aware that lectures aren’t the most effective way to change behaviour.

You’ve probably adopted approaches such as Training From The Back Of The Room. Your students expect highly interactive sessions packed with small-group activities, games, and with colourful displays on the walls and flip charts. You might even have adopted a “no Powerpoint” rule.

And now, with coronavirus hitting travel worldwide, they want you to train people from home!

How on earth can you train from the back of the room when there isn’t a room?

Tech Essentials

Let’s start with the basics.

  • You need to be able to hear and see everyone, and they need to be able to hear and see you
  • That means that everyone needs a webcam and a headset
  • You need remote-meeting tech that allows you to see everyone, not just the person speaking, so that you can calibrate people’s responses
  • Insist on “one person, one device”. Hybrid events, where some people are together and others remote, are pretty universally awful. You don’t need to give yourself that stress
  • Breakout rooms are easy with tech like Zoom. With other platforms, you’ll probably need to create multiple ‘meetings’ to use for breakouts: it’ll be clunky but workable.

Training Essentials

Don’t get obsessed by the technology. Remember, a lot of your in-the-room skills will transfer. It’s not your ability to push buttons that makes you a great trainer!

  • Don’t be misled by what you’ve seen others do elsewhere – long lectures don’t magically work well just because they’re online!
  • Remember that you can ask your participants to prepare by reading or watching a video, then use your time online together for interactive elements
  • Many activities will transfer, with a bit of thought and preparation. Shared online tools such as Google docs or Jamboard might be useful.

For a simple recipe for effective online learning experiences, get Webinars That Connect.

For the next level of detail, and practice, join me for a live online training.

Bonus Video: What If Half Your Team Goes Remote?

This video’s from last year – but may be more relevant today.

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