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Clean Language For Hypnotists


"Create personally tailored, high-impact trances for your clients... completely on the fly"

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Live, interactive small-group workshop via video link, Thursdays at 1pm UK time

6, 20 April; 11, 18 May; 8, 22 June. Recording available if you miss one!

James Tripp is an internationally recognised and respected educator, consultant and coach in the fields of hypnosis, personal transformation, influential communication and personal efficacy. With a background including philosophy, music, martial arts, movement culture and NLP, James is also the developer of the critically acclaimed Hypnosis Without Trance approach to hypnosis.

Judy Rees is known internationally as an expert in the practical applications of Clean Language in fields ranging from heath care to software development, as well as in coaching and changework with individuals and groups. Co-author of the international bestseller Clean Language and author of Your Clean Language Questions Answered, she works as a trainer, facilitator and coach. Her first career was in news journalism, rising to executive level.

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A note from James Tripp

"People who have been following my blogging and hypnosis teaching have heard me reference Clean Language MANY times. 'Back in the day' studying Clean Language was a huge game-changer for me - indeed it is one of the key influences on my original Hypnosis Without Trance approach to directly facilitating hypnotic phenomena.

"But going back to the beginning, the first place it had an impact for me was on my client work - I went from using impersonal hypnotic change work processes to using trances built around the clients own conceptual and metaphorical material (relating to resources and outcomes) and 'BOOM'! The shift was huge!

"One of the problems people face when they are initially developing as hypnotists/hypnotherapists is that they have limited options as to what to do with their skills.

"People initially usually go down one of two paths:

1. Pre-formed 'scripts'
2. 'Recipe' based processes

"The downside of this is that the client is being asked to engage with something that is not necessarily inherently meaningful to them (and often not especially to the hypnotist either!), with the result being low levels of buy-in and impact.

"So what is the solution? Well, one powerful route is to deeply personalise the suggestions and trance work. To do this we need to be able to draw out the significant conceptual and metaphorical raw materials from the client, and this is where Clean Language really shines.

"In this training we will be showing you both sides of the process - the elicitation with Clean Language and the creation of custom suggestions and 'trances' using hypnotic language. (There is an assumption that you have at least some familiarity with hypnotic languaging to begin with, though no familiarity with Clean Language is required).

"In addition to the above, it is worth noting that Clean Language used alone can be powerfully 'hypnotic', and that the process of elicitation or 'modelling' of outcomes and resources is of great therapeutic benefit alone (regardless of whether or not you use what you uncover to create suggestions and trances)."

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Live and interactive via video link, Thursdays at 1pm UK time

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6, 20 April; 11, 18 May; 8, 22 June. Recording available if you miss one!

A note from Judy Rees

"The creator of Clean Language, David Grove, was a hypnotist and NLP-trained clinical change worker, working primarily with trauma. For many years he would only share his discoveries with officially-registered hypnotherapists, who seemed to understand their huge potential.

"I was one of those who helped to popularise David's work for a wider audience, including the business audience. But in the process it has perhaps lost something of its original essence - and become less accessible to the people who'll find it most useful.

"Developing this two-day workshop with my friend James brings the story full circle. It puts the power of Clean Language in the hands of hypnotists: people who are in a position use it most easily and effectively. Who knows what will happen as a result!"

Click Here To Book Your SeatJust £500

Small-group workshop via video link, Thursdays at 1pm UK time

6, 20 April; 11, 18 May; 8, 22 June. Recording available if you miss one!
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