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What's new about Clean Language Essentials For Coaches?

If you're a coach, and you want your clients to get even more of what they want from life, then you're in the right place.

I'm guessing you're curious about Clean Language: you think there may be something in this idea that metaphor is the atom of thought, the native language of the unconscious mind, and in the notion that a very simple set of questions may be the most effective way to use client's metaphors to help them change.

But maybe, that's where you're stuck. Curious. Frustrated that you haven't yet been able to make the step from theory to practice. You get the idea of Clean Language, but you haven't managed to use it with your clients yet.

I've trained hundreds of coaches around the world and I've been tracking what makes the difference. The people who make it look easy are the coaches who combine Clean Language with their existing tools, so that they are practising it in real life from Day 1.

This course is designed to make that happen for you.

Judy Rees has taught Clean Language to hundreds of change agents worldwide including coaches of all kinds, managers, consultants, hypnotists and health professionals.

By using online systems to reach beyond the limits of local, she has helped to make Clean Language a "must have" skill set for advanced communicators, while demonstrating that embodied people skills actually can be learned remotely.

She is the co-author of Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds and author of Your Clean Language Questions Answered.

Clean Language, created by the late David Grove, is a precision toolkit for uncovering the "unknown knowns" that drive people's thinking and behaviour. It works especially well in messy, fuzzy, complex situations. Expert communicators love it because it helps them to understand how what they do works, while taking their skills to a new level.

What's In The Course


In six 30-minute video classes, I'll take six specific techniques from David Grove's Clean Language and show you how you can use them to improve your practical results with your clients, alongside your other coaching models and approaches.

There's no need to apologise for asking strange questions. There's no need for woo-woo, of feeling uncomfortable.

You can just crack on with the job of supporting your clients to make the changes that will stay changed - with Clean Language as your secret superpower.

Full Course Contents

  • Interviewing people about things they know about, for example in an intake interview
  • Exploring “unknown knowns” – the things they don’t know that they know
  • Changing a client’s emotional state by directing attention with questions
  • Motivating clients to make real-world changes
  • Enhancing relationships – between coach and client, or between the client and the people around him
  • Giving and receiving effective, actionable feedback, without emotional overwhelm

"Clean Language is the way to go – it delivers quick, powerful and lasting results and change … but only if you dive in and do it!”

Andrew Joy
Andrew Joy Cologne, Germany

"When added to another approach Clean Language seems to offer a fast track to the unconscious and originate some change with not too much work and effort."

Pirjo Mikkola
Pirjo Mikkola Littoinen, Finland

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