• “Judy’s keynote session at Agile Lean Europe 2017 was beyond well-received! People were still quoting from it for several days. Particularly useful was Judy’s directing the content to the present audience: Agilists, change agents, and people who need to communicate ideas and visions clearly and cleanly.” Silvana Wasitova, Organiser, ALE2017 Prague

  • “I’ve done many Agile trainings over the past twelve years. Very few inspire me, and almost none surprise me. This one did both. As well as the very fine Clean Language tools themselves, I left with a different way of looking at relationships, and a radical new way of “seeking to understand”. Tobias Mayer, London, UK

  • “Very positive and beneficial… A positive impact that we have seen is the reduction in conflicts due to misunderstandings. This can be a big time waster causing confusion and frustration.” Corinne Knight, Broadcast IT, BSkyB, London, UK

  • “I would especially recommend Judy’s work for coaches, people concerned with leadership, and of course people interested in communicating in general.” Sacha Storz, Agile Coach, Techdivision GmbH, Germany

  • “I very seldom endorse anyone unless I truly believe that they are first rate – and in this case there was absolutely no hesitation.” Saul Ross, Melbourne, Australia

  • “In less than an hour Judy helped me gain REAL insight, understanding and direction in regard to work situations that had become overwhelming and stressful… Put me down as a raving fan.” Ken Way, Sports Psychologist, Leicester FC

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