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18 September, 2018

Practical Clean Language

If you're a consultant, coach, trainer... however you help people to change, you'll love Practical Clean Language. A quick-fire recorded course giving you the essentials - and a connected worldwide community of more than 500 learners.

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Adding good quality video conferencing to remote team working has been a game-changer. But at the moment, many great coaches, trainers, facilitators and consultants are behind the curve.

“We should all meet up for this kind of thing,” they say. But what if we can’t meet up? When we’re working across continents, following the sun, supporting live business environments, meeting up isn’t always realistic.

My ENGAGE model will bring you up to speed!  This approach combines awareness of modern best-practice training methods with the practicalities of global online working to help you get great results with your workshop participants, even when you can’t be in the room with them.

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Team development with a difference! The process is designed to work well whether we’re in a room together or meeting over video conference.

It’s powered by Clean Language. Team members become more curious about each other’s diverse skills, interests and values and the changing context within the organisation, so that:

  • They bond as a team, developing new ways to support each other to do their best work.
  • They become more transparent with each other and more proficient at giving each other clear, actionable feedback.
  • They display greater confidence and self-belief in proactively responding to business needs.
  • Fearfulness and game-playing are reduced, and tension/conflict becomes easier to handle.
  • They are more skilful in both paying attention and directing attention. This enhances their ability to elicit high-value information in any conversation.
  • They become more effective communicators across functional and other boundaries within the organisation.

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I love sharing my work with others through conferences and online events. I’m available to run lively, interactive sessions on:

  • Getting Them To Get It: Communicating Beyond The Bubble
  • ENGAGE For Better Online Meetings
  • Practical Clean Language

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I have more than 10 years’ experience of remote coaching, training and facilitation, including leading some of the world’s first online-video “unconferences”.

Forget dull talk-over-Powerpoint! I use lively, interactive approaches to bring online events to life, so that multi-tasking doesn’t happen and real engagement does.

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Location-independent one-on-one mentoring and coaching. Whether you’re looking for expert help with remote facilitation or practical Clean Language, or you’d like Clean Language coaching from a leader in the field, I can help.

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Self-Drive Online Courses

Learn at your own pace via carefully-constructed recorded video programmes. Powered by Thinkific

  • I’ve been been training, facilitating and coaching – both online and face-to-face – for more than ten years, and have worked with organisations large and small, all over the world. All my recorded courses are rated at 4 stars and above and carry a money-back guarantee.

PLEASE NOTE: If you're enrolled in one of my courses on Thinkific, you should be able to find it easily by logging in at, even if it isn't listed here.  A couple of courses have more than one "edition", not all of which are displayed publicly.

  • “Judy’s keynote session at Agile Lean Europe 2017 was beyond well-received! People were still quoting from it for several days. Particularly useful was Judy’s directing the content to the present audience: Agilists, change agents, and people who need to communicate ideas and visions clearly and cleanly.” Silvana Wasitova, Organiser, ALE2017 Prague

  • “I’ve done many Agile trainings over the past twelve years. Very few inspire me, and almost none surprise me. This one did both. As well as the very fine Clean Language tools themselves, I left with a different way of looking at relationships, and a radical new way of “seeking to understand”. Tobias Mayer, London, UK

  • “Very positive and beneficial… A positive impact that we have seen is the reduction in conflicts due to misunderstandings. This can be a big time waster causing confusion and frustration.” Corinne Knight, Broadcast IT, BSkyB, London, UK

  • “I would especially recommend Judy’s work for coaches, people concerned with leadership, and of course people interested in communicating in general.” Sacha Storz, Agile Coach, Techdivision GmbH, Germany

  • “I very seldom endorse anyone unless I truly believe that they are first rate – and in this case there was absolutely no hesitation.” Saul Ross, Melbourne, Australia

  • “In less than an hour Judy helped me gain REAL insight, understanding and direction in regard to work situations that had become overwhelming and stressful… Put me down as a raving fan.” Ken Way, Sports Psychologist, Leicester FC