Planning The Schedule For Metaphorum 2018

One of the most exciting parts of our online unconference, Metaphorum 2018, is watching the agenda take shape in the weeks before the event.

For an in-person unconference using pure Open Space Technology, the topics don’t officially emerge until the day itself. But at many of the best events, at least some sessions are in place ahead of time. Well-known speakers get keynote slots, for example. And many participants already know that they’ll offer a session on the subject they are known to be passionate about.

Because Metaphorum runs over a long day to accommodate different time zones, we’ve expanded this idea. People can say in advance what they plan to do, and when. The post-it board where it’s all happening is public, here.

It’s looking exciting already, with experts setting out their stalls. Sharon Small on using Clean When Disaster Strikes. Wendy Nieuwland on Change 3.0. Tamsin Hartley on The Listening Space. Greta Irving on supervision.

And people are asking for sessions, too. Something on anxiety. Sessions on Clean Scoping and Clean Interviewing. One on Non-Violent Communication.

I’ve added Jan’s question from a recent blog post here, about using Clean with computer-based feedback systems: it feels like a topic the group will really be able to get their teeth into.

In the week or so before the conference, this information will be moved from the rough-and-ready post-it board to a more formal grid in a Google doc which can be edited by all the participants.

And, we need to make sure there’s scope for on-the-day ideas, too. I’m thinking about a more formal “opening of the space” after Penny and James’s keynote, plus more “conversation breaks” through the day. Perhaps more active moderation of the Facebook group during the event? Any suggestions?

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