What Is An Online Unconference? Join In To Find Out

What is an online unconference? A really excellent idea! A brilliant way to spend a day with collaborators all over the world, without leaving your home. And a way to get a lot of stuff done, quickly and efficiently.

But what is an online unconference?

  • An unconference is a participant-driven conference, usually facilitated using Open Space Technology or some other Liberating Structure(s) to avoid the top-down stage-on-the-stage format.
  • Online means it happens via the magic of the internet.
  • So, an online unconference is a participant-led conference that happens via the magic of the internet.

With colleagues from the Clean Language community, we tested out the format in September 2016. People loved it so much, we’ll be doing it again on 31 March, 2017.

How does it work? Well, there are loads of ways it could work: some online unconferences use live text chat.

We used the high-quality, easy-to-use video conference system Zoom, which made the whole thing much more “real” and personal.

online unconference programmeBecause people were joining from all over the world, we ran for 12 hours, from 10am to 10pm UK time. Altogether we had 150 attendees – though of course, not everyone stayed all day.

One of the most interesting things about a participant-led event is the absence of a fixed programme of speakers. People can put forward ideas for sessions, either in advance or on the day, simply posting them on a shared board online.

They can host sessions themselves, or persuade others (including “experts” in attendance) to co-create them.

What’s going to happen on 31 March at Metaphorum 2? I don’t know. That’s half the fun!

But I do know that it’ll be a great way to connect with other Clean Language and metaphor enthusiasts from around the world, to share insights, experiences and opinions, and to get inspired to try something different.

Why not join us? It’s open to anyone interested, including beginners. Book your seat here.

  • If you have questions or comments about online unconferences in general or Metaphorum in particular, please use the “comments” field below.

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