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Tue 23 January, 2018

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Curious about Clean Language - but unclear about how to make it work for you in the real world? In this Metaphor Mastery program you'll learn alongside people from all walks of life who, like you, are fascinated by people, what makes them tick, and how they can be helped to transform.

Judy Rees is known for her ability to facilitate rapid change using the power of hidden metaphors, with individuals and with groups.

She’s an expert in combining Clean with other approaches to change, particularly in business contexts, and telling others’ inspiring success stories.

As co-author of the category bestseller Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds she literally ‘wrote the book’ about this process (originally devised by the late David Grove) and has taught it extensively.

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John Morgan

"Learn from Judy. Learn these skills and I promise you will be able to charge more money for your services because you will be providing more value and you will feel more confident.”

John Morgan, "The Leaders' Secret Weapon", USA/UK

Skills You'll Develop

  • Confident Curiosity: How to explore clients’ unique, hidden metaphors without wasting a minute
  • Hybrid Vigour: How to blend metaphor work with your existing change work techniques (coaching, facilitation, NLP, hypnosis, EFT etc)
  • Elegant Inquiry: Know which Clean Language Question to ask when – and what results you can expect
  • Unsinkability: How to manage ‘negative’ emotions adeptly, as a springboard to change
  • X-Ray Listening: Hear more of what's really going on around you – and feel able to take positive action
  • Service With Value: How to make yourself consistently useful to your clients, even when you're confused
  • Income Upgrade: When you know you deliver reliable changes, you're free to charge more for your services.

What's In The Box?

  • Recordings of ten 90-minute video Metaphor Mastery Masterclasses, available to view online or download (audio option always available)
  • Workbook with details of practice activities, techniques and tips
  • Membership of a lively, exclusive worldwide community where you can connect with other participants
  • Practice team up with other students to complete regular homework challenges
  • Assessment of your progress through the course
  • Answers to your questions direct from Judy Rees
  • References and links to additional resources to explore in even greater depth
  • Coaching with Judy Rees at a fraction of the normal price

What Past Students Say

Ray Whiting Ray Whiting, Software Development Manager, UK

"The Metaphor Mastery course has been a joy and a revelation… The course itself is packed with a huge amount of great information. Judy is extraordinarily skilled at presenting the material and, as a master of communication should be, is able to explain the concepts and ideas with amazing precision and clarity. Watching the participants practice the concepts is the next best thing to practicing yourself. You learn equally from their successes and struggles.

"Applying these deceptively simple techniques within my job in software development, I am able to rapidly understand what others mean and assist them to discover and clarify what is important. It has been invaluable in exploring requirements, establishing priorities, facilitating meetings, recruitment and coaching. I use the skills in a conversational manner without any introduction to what I am doing.

"I would recommend this course to…. anyone. People who may draw most benefit from this course are those who work with any form of requirement gathering, coaching, change work or management."

Daryl Green Daryl Green, Trainer/Coach/Therapist, UK

"You get far more than many hours of step by step video classes eavesdropping in as an observer watching other beginners develop over time under Judy's masterful facilitation.

"The best part is that you also get access to a lively, supportive peer group on Facebook and the opportunity to engage as much or as little as you wish. To get the best out of the course, which is self-paced, it would be beneficial to take advantage of this social aspect of learning with and from others.

"For me it has meant meeting people from Australia, USA and continental Europe and who work as coaches, therapists, "Agilistas" and management consultants.

"The most enduring benefit has been to some extent being able to develop the ability to Clean coach myself. And those moments when a vivid metaphor emerges from a simple phrase or word are simply miraculous. Click the buy button to join!"

David Stuart David Stuart, Organisational Storyteller, Melbourne, Australia

“The Metaphor Mastery course was one of the best courses I’ve completed. Judy is an excellent teacher and very generous in passing on her knowledge.

"A bonus of the course was the quality of the other participants. The willingness to share our understandings and learnings made the program even more enjoyable.”

Frances Gollahon Frances Gollahon, Kentucky, USA

"Having paid for many coaching classes - and been shocked by the asking price of others - I am impressed at how you have chosen to keep this incredible training series very affordable. In so doing, you have opened up a huge world of discovery, friends, fun and skills to help others (as well as myself), for which I am eternally grateful."

Susan Van Westen Susan Van Westen, Yoga Teacher, Ontario, Canada

“Do you want to take a course that I guarantee will change your life for the better? Do this. I cannot recommend it highly enough!”

Suzanne Barre Suzanne Barre, Hypnotherapist, Canada

"I was extremely happy and satisfied with all your material, especially your Metaphor Mastery programme and your remarkable ability to make things simple and easy to integrate.

"I think very highly of you, have recommended you to some friends of mine and would study with you any time."

Jason Franklin Jason Franklin, Therapist, USA

"This is so. Incredibly. AMAZING!!!!!  I am hooked on Metaphor Mastery for life!!

"I have been implementing the class #1 and 2 material with my therapy clients and I am absolutely astounded at how deep I am able to go. I am even finding that this works on people who have cognitive impairments, who may not think linearly or logically.

"INCREDIBLE results!!!  Oh my goodness, this modality, technique, whatever you wish to call it, is mine for the rest of my career."

Pirjo Mikkola Pirjo Mikkola, Kaarina, Finland

"The best course in my life! In Metaphor Mastery Judy Rees combines group learning sessions and an amazing online community to practice in. She gives out an abundance of rich material both for gathering knowledge and practicing skills.

"The online community discussions boost learning offering a supportive international sounding board. I never thought such deep and multifaceted learning could be made happen online.

"Judy’s personal approach of clarity and caring makes her a model of Grovian Clean Language values merged with superb expertise in learning as global co-creation. Learn with Judy? Never hesitate! Go for it!"

Techniques... Tips... Models... Heuristics... Guidelines... Systems...

  • The Lazy Jedi questions
  • Switching attention purposefully
  • The Target Model
  • The Dark Side process
  • How to work with metaphors of movement, space and the body
  • Head, Heart and Gut technique
  • Handling metaphors for emotions
  • The Maturing Changes process
  • The PRO technique
  • Unsticking techniques
  • Unravelling binds & double binds
  • The Persuasion Paradox
  • The Change Agents' Framework
  • How to make changes stick
  • How make clients value you!


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