Leading Web Events That Connect For Agile Groups

Last week I emerged from my too-busy-to-think space to deliver a bunch of Web Events That Connect around my favourite themes. Here are two of the recordings: both of these events were for groups of Agile enthusiasts.

Judy and Abigail many thanks for that awesome event. What a powerful facilitation!

It wasn’t an introduction on the topic, but it is always awesome to see the impact and the results from Clean Language. During the session, and looking at the reaction of the audience, plenty of new application emerged in my head.

Inspiring, powerful and sweet. You’re like some special family recipe that you only want to share with your closest friend.

Thank you.

Pierre E Neis, Agile Praxis

I really enjoyed this event – and particularly the practical exercise. Playing the role of a facilitator and following the guidance that Judy had just taught us during the session, I was positively surprised to see the initially divergent positions of the attendees of my break out session converge painlessly and almost automatically following the instructions.

Well done and certainly having a lasting effect on how I will approach facilitation opportunities in future!

Wolfgang Hilpert, Agile Praxis

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