It seems I’ve created a bit of a stir in some quarters with my “Intelligent Influence” project.

You can still bag a place on the Voyage of Discovery here until 10 December, but our team of explorers is already establishing itself online, bursting with enthusiasm and energy.

As I’ve been watching their postings, joining in the discussion and answering their questions, I’ve been wondering, can it really wrong to want to influence the world for the better?

Well, yes. Intelligent Influence is not for everyone.

I’m sure you’re already familiar with the concept of win-win outcomes. Well, win-win is at the heart of Intelligent Influence. And I only want people on the Voyage who can truly “win” by being part of it.

  • If you are determined to force your view on others at any cost, then Intelligent Influence is not for you. That’s not influence – that’s bullying. But if you have something of real value to offer to others (and I’m sure you do) then Intelligent Influence will help convince people to “buy” it from you.
  • If you are a hit-and-run salesman with no need or desire for repeat business, then Intelligent Influence is not for you – at least, not just yet. In the short term, you will find other, more suitable tools and techniques elsewhere. Perhaps you’ll choose to come back when the time comes for you to move up in the world, and to take a more senior role with a more mature approach to persuasion and influence.
  • If you want to stick with the crowd, and do what you’ve always done, then Intelligent Influence is not for you. These are leading-edge techniques, drawing on some of the most exciting ideas from the science of the mind, which until now have been known to only a few scores of experts worldwide.

Intelligent Influence is useful for salespeople, but it’s not just for salespeople. It’s useful for parents, but not just for parents. It’s useful for managers and for their staff, for analysts and consultants of all kinds, for journalists, marketers, designers… and for many other people.

But it’s not for everyone.

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