How does Instant X-Ray Listening actually work?

I recently tested a new approach to coaching: offering instant, short (30 minutes max) phone or skype sessions to anyone whose thinking was “stuck”.

Many thanks to everyone who helped me trial the idea. It seems people certainly valued being able to get inexpensive help, from their own home.

Most clients got the breakthrough they needed very quickly. For example, Lesley Lyle said: “Ten minutes into the conversation and Judy had put me in touch with the things which had seemed like thoughts just out of my grasp. Whispy thoughts that have turned into simple, practical tasks that I just need to get on with. Judy, thank you so much, one simple session has cleared my head and allowed me to see the light.”

I had no doubt that my clients would get dramatic results: it’s been my experience for so long that I’d be shocked if that didn’t happen. I knew I’d enjoy the work and want to do more of it (read on if you’d like to book a session).

What I’d failed to realise was that people who didn’t know me or my work would need to be convinced that such rapid change was even possible. And once they were convinced – by personal experience, or by other people’s testimonials – they had a mass of questions about how it worked.

So, how does it work? How come I can get results so fast? Here’s my current theory – but I suspect this is incomplete, and I’d welcome comments.

  • Because the process harnesses the client’s own inner resources to generate change, I don’t need to give advice.
  • Because I use a very robust process, based on David Grove’s Clean Language and Penny Tompkins and James Lawley’s Framework for Change, I am comfortable working with pretty much any client content. There aren’t any no-go areas to be negotiated.
  • Because I don’t give advice and there aren’t any no-go areas, I don’t need to spend a long time finding out about the client’s situation.
  • Because the inner resources used in the process include the client’s unconscious mind – their “elephant” – as well as their conscious “rider”, there’s plenty of power available to make things happen. (See for more on this)
  • Because the process changes the client’s world by changing the way they think, and changing your mind only takes an instant, the actual change takes very little time.
  • Because the context of the call implies that the client really wants rapid change, they are motivated to work with me to make it happen fast.

I’ve decided to continue to offer up to three sessions per week of Instant X-Ray Listening, keeping the price down to £15, as long as my diary allows it. If you’d like to unstuck your thinking and make a rapid change, go to to book your session now.

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