Great Online Meetings: It’s Not About The Tech

The more I teach remote-meeting skills, lead remote meetings and talk about great online meetings at conferences and meetups, the more I have to say it: making your online meetings great is not about the technology. Nor not just about the tech, anyway. 

Clearly, technology of some kind is essential if you want to connect with people who aren’t close enough for you to hear (and ideally see) each other.

I’m not arguing for sub-standard tech. If you (or your organisation) want great online meetings, I recommend getting the best technology you can afford.

My friends Elise Keith and Lisette Sutherland have put together an awesome guide to remote-meeting technology – and how to argue for an upgrade – here: I strongly recommend you check it out, and follow their advice.

While you’re shopping, you might also like to check out my recent article about the metaphors of remote-meeting tech, here:

And, there’s still more to it than the technology. Great online meetings are about people having conversations.

That means that they’re about hosting; about facilitation; about leadership. They’re about planning and preparation; inviting the right people; setting clear expectations and ensuring that participants truly engage.

Great online meetings rarely “just happen”. It’s human beings that make them happen – humans like you.

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