Do You Have An Xtraordinary Mind?

Minds are extraordinary things, I think you’ll agree. And the fact you’re reading this means that, like me, you probably delight in celebrating, developing and connecting extraordinary minds.

Today, I hope you’ll share my excitement as I announce my new events series, Xtraordinary Minds. Read on for more details…

Xtraordinary Minds: Jamie Smart

My good friend Jamie Smart is an internationally renowned speaker, executive coach and state-of-mind specialist. His book Clarity reveals what he believes is the ultimate leverage point for creating high performance, better decisions and meaningful results.

Who better, then, to help me to launch the Xtraordinary Minds events series? On 19 February at 7pm GMT, I’ll be interviewing Jamie in a live, interactive videocast from London.

We’ll be exploring the nature of thought, the truth about the mind, and considering the idea of thinking as an addiction. Can you join us? Book Your Seat

How sugar affects your brain

The papers and the TV are full of reports about the evils of sugar at the moment. It’s definitely not good for us!

But have you heard how sugar affects your brain? This fascinating animation gives a detailed explanation – and also shows why sugar can be so “addictive”.

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“Clean up your conference calls!”

How long should a conference call be, at the most? And hour? 90 minutes? When I was working with a group of IT professionals recently I heard about one that lasted four hours. Another person’s regular weekly call involved 20 people.

Seth Godin is arguing for some sanity in conference calling, and has issued a list of hygiene tips.

He says: “If we work in the plant, we make widgets. And we expect that the making of widgets will be consistent, rational and done with forethought and a lack of waste. Many of us now work in a system that makes decisions, has meetings and markets ideas. The same kind of clarity and craftsmanship ought to exist here too.”

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