The Core Clean Language Questions

Want a handy list of the core Clean Language questions? Here goes:

Developing Questions

  • What kind of X (is that X)?
  • Is there anything else about X?
  • Where is X? or (And) whereabouts is X?
  • Is there a relationship between X and Y?
  • When X, what happens to Y?
  • That’s X like what?

Sequence and Source

  • Then what happens?
  • What happens just before X?
  • Where could X come from?

Intention Questions

  • What would X like to have happen?
  • What needs to happen for X?
  • Can X (happen)?

For more about the core Clean Language questions (created by David Grove) and how to use them, get the book

Random Clean Language Questions Wheel

The wheel above was created by Ray Whiting. It’s useful for practice and for self-facilitation.