Communicating For Continuous Improvement

What’s the best way to introduce Clean Language to a new group? Here’s my latest attempt, for a large-group webinar. What do you think? How could I improve my slides? Please comment below.

UPDATE: That seemed to go well. We had 100 people on the Zoom call, from 20 countries, and certain interactions were tricky. But we had live chat running, and so I stopped every few slides to ask a question – the response there showed people were well engaged.
As well as a quick demo of a “working at your best”metaphor, I was urged to do a live coaching demo – with 12 minutes of the scheduled time remaining. It went quite deep, quite quickly – but I think showed the power of questions and listening.
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Was attending video call with , on …this was one of the best . Thank you Judy! I will use for sure 


Delighted to have with us today to deliver an amazing session to introduce Clean Language to 100 coaches in 20+ countries at

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