What’s the relationship between Clean Language and Motivational Interviewing? How could they be combined? That’s what I explored with my friend Andrew Cain in the video below.

Motivational Interviewing is very widely used, especially in the health service. And our conversation suggested a couple of places where Clean Language could significantly improve it.

Where Motivational Interviewing is often very rational, people’s behaviour isn’t! If all that was needed to change our behaviour was a comprehensive understanding of the pros and cons, we’d all be slim and sober.

Adding Clean Language to the mix could help to incorporate more of people’s “unknown knowns”, the stuff that’s outside their awareness, the unconscious drivers behind their behaviour, into the decision-making process.

It could also be used to help patients design effective strategies for making lifestyle changes, and for getting through the rockier parts of the journey.

Watch the video to find out more.

Motivational Interviewing guide for GPs

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