Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors And Opening Minds

“This book promises to transform the way we think about language and meaning.” Psychologies Magazine

“One of the most fundamental and important tools available in NLP and coaching. This book stands out for the clarity of its explanations and makes Clean Language common sense. The communicators’ bible.”Toby McCartney, WestOne Training, Author of Mastering Memory

Would you like better relationships, a deeper understanding of the people around you, and a simple yet powerful way to help them achieve their life goals? Clean Language can offer all this and more.

This elegant and powerful questioning technique is simple to learn. It opens a door to a new way of thinking about how people s minds actually work. By getting people to explore their internal metaphors you will find it much easier to truly understand them, motivate them or help them to change.

Counselling Psychologist David Grove devised Clean Language to help clients resolve deep trauma. The approach is now used by some of the sharpest and most innovative people in the world business people, coaches, educators, health professionals and many others – to cut through complex problems.

This book by Wendy Sullivan and Judy Rees (published in Crown House in 2008) gives a simple, step-by-step introduction to this fascinating technique, making it accessible to all.


Published by Crown House November 2008

Available from Amazon here

February 2012: The book is also available on Kindle

March 2011: The book is also available in a Japanese translation

“Purchased your book “Clean Language” and wanted to congratulate you for presenting the material in a logical and easily understood way.

Over many years of attending university, reading thousands of books & participating in dozens of seminars, for me there is one thing that stands out. When you run into someone who truly knows their subject, they present it simply!” Chris Coates, Australia



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