Virtual Teams

Who Cares How?

After hanging up my “X-Ray Listening” hat recently, I started reminiscing about the birth of the company name. Want to hear the story? The phrase was created by a journalist from Psychologies Magazine. She was interviewing my co-author Wendy Sullivan about our book, Clean Language. As Wendy explained how the questioning process helped you to …

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Virtual Teams: Overcoming Difference

How can you overcome the cultural differences in your virtual team? That was the question posed by one of my fellow workshop presenters at the fabulous Distributed Agile Teams Flock in Berlin – and it’s a question that’s bugging me. It was such an inspiring event, I’ve spent literally days deciding what to blog about …

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What’s Your Leadership Like?

What’s your mental metaphor for leadership? I’m giving a workshop on leadership in Berlin this week, where I’ll be exploring leadership with members of distributed Agile teams. And I know from my Clean Language work with teams and their leaders that everyone’s metaphor will be slightly different. So I thought I’d ask you, dear reader, the same question …

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