My Groups Keep Making This Clean Language Mistake. Why?

It happens every time. The same mistake. Every time. And, it’s starting to dawn on me that there’s actually something interesting going on when it happens. Here’s the scenario. I take a group through their first experience of asking, and being asked, the Clean Language questions. I start the debrief, “What happened when you were …

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Is Clean Language nonsense?

One of the questions I’m frequently being asked lately is, “Is Clean Language nonsense?” Actually, the question is being asked in slightly stronger language than that. And I don’t think the people asking it actually want a real answer – their question isn’t coming from a place of curiosity. But I actually think it’s a …

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Asking Questions In Online Meetings

What happens when you ask a question of a group of people? As I’ve mentioned before, whenever someone hears a question, their attention is directed in a specific way. It’s almost impossible not to go inside and search for the answer. If you’re in a one-on-one conversation, convention usually dictates that the person will also …

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