3 Steps To Asking The Right Question

Leaders need to gather information effectively – quickly and accurately. Misunderstandings can be embarrassing, easily lead to conflict, and cost time, money and credibility.  But how can you collect the facts without revealing ignorance? You need to ask the right questions, in the right way. With the right questions, you not only learn what you need …

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Connecting Beneath The Surface

I’ve recently been digging into influence. Could the quality of your attention determine another person’s destiny? Perhaps. In the process, I’ve been engulfed by metaphors for what’s under the surface: what’s hidden and often unnoticed, and yet fundamental? This week I went even deeper, asking my Facebook network the question, “What’s the opposite of ‘word’?” …

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The Cost Of Clarity, The Value Of Vagueness

At first glance, clarity seems like motherhood and apple pie: universally useful, with no downsides. It’s often a great selling point for Clean Language. “Clean Language can help you get things crystal clear. Want to know what someone really means by something they said? Simply use the 2 Lazy Jedi questions respectfully to help them …

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