Online Learning

The 3 Biggest Surprises Of An Online Unconference

The impact of our first online unconference, Metaphorum 2016, is still reverberating around the globe. For example, today one attendee launched his campaign to crowdfund training a group of socially-marginalised French-speakers in Clean Language – and was immediately helped by Metaphorum participants. And I’m still absorbing the learning. The day itself was like drinking from a firehose – …

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Starting From A Blank Page

One day a student asked, “What is the most difficult part of painting?” The master answered, “The part of paper where nothing is painted is the most difficult.” – Painting Zen  I’ve been having an existential crisis today. After a few years of self-employment it’s become the regular marker of the start of summer: the …

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Launching An Unconference

I’m about to launch an online unconference: an event where people interested in applying Clean Language and metaphor get together via the magic of internet video, to learn from and inspire each other. And it’s proving a challenge. Technology? Relatively straightforward. Connecting to engage key colleagues, including “competitors”? Stretching, but doable. The biggest challenge is how to …

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