Online Learning

Why Facilitation Fails Online

I love facilitating groups online. It’s inspiring to support a bunch of scattered individuals to form a real team, working out how to communicate with each other and make stuff happen quickly and efficiently. And on Friday, I’ll be hosting the second Metaphorum – an online unconference for fans of Clean Language, metaphor, self-organisation and …

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Five Top Tips For Training Over Online Video

I’ve been running teaching workshops over video conference for years: for me it just works. I get to train people from all over the world. They get to join conveniently from their home or office, and to practice in real life between weekly calls (rather than being jazzed when they leave an immersion event, and floundering when it …

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Online Communities: Building Self-Organisation

I’ve been involved in creating and sustaining online communities for a scarily long time, and I’m gradually getting better at it. One of my current groups is doing brilliant stuff at the moment. In the last couple of weeks, members of my Metaphor Mastery student group on Facebook have: Organised their own global Wednesday-night meetup on Zoom, to …

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