Elephant Whispering

A powerful metaphor can change the way we think. That’s been known for many years – by politicians, religious leaders, entertainers, advertisers, teachers and more. Here’s a personal example. Recently, I’ve enjoyed some very useful new insights thanks to a metaphor from Jonathan Haidt in his fascinating book The Happiness Hypothesis. Haidt likens the mind …

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How to come up with a metaphor

If you’ve done much reading about the way our minds work, you’re probably aware of the power of metaphor to influence and persuade. You’ll know that great teachers, statesmen, artists and religious leaders use metaphors to capture our hearts, while great salesmen, marketers and gizmo-makers use them as a fast-track to our wallets. That’s because …

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Will X-Ray Listening make you a better lover?

Short answer: Probably. Read on for more details 🙂 Last week I was speculating: “What if everyone knew how to listen?” and describing that special build-your-own-goldmine state, created by X-Ray Listening techniques, in which you can really connect easily with family, friends, colleagues and customers, and really understand what people are thinking and feeling. “And then …

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