What’s Your Facilitation Like?

Facilitators worldwide have been celebrating their trade in #FacWeek : there have been all kinds of online and in-person events to mark the occasion, bringing together new groupings of people who call themselves facilitators.  They’ve revealed to me how, we’re still working out our shared identity. Facilitation has some overlap with participative training, and some …

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The Art Of Hosting Great Online Meetings

“This is a real art form!” exclaimed a Remote Meetings Masterclass participant the other night. I reckon he was spot on. Hosting great remote meetings is certainly an art, not a science.  There’s science involved, of course. There’s all that communications technology. But beyond a certain basic level, it’s not the technology that really matters.  …

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The Impact Of Hidden Organisational Metaphors

If your organisation was a person, what kind of person would it be? Lean and Agile? Or something different? Our metaphors have profound implications – but they’re often invisible. That’s because metaphor is the native language of the unconscious mind, the atom of thought. Our minds are so awash with metaphors that we hardly notice …

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