3 Key Collaboration Skills

What makes an expert collaborator? And how can you develop the high-value skills to collaborate effectively? In this 90-minute video conference, X-Ray Listener Judy Rees detailed 3 key skills collaboration experts use and how you can master them. Alternative link to Summer School details

How To Find Out Things From People

What’s the most effective way to get interesting and useful information from people? Not just the facts, but the fascinating details? The thing is, the most interesting and useful information isn’t in books. It isn’t on TV. It isn’t even on Facebook. The most interesting and useful information is in people’s heads. Of course, it’s …

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Elephant Whispering

A powerful metaphor can change the way we think. That’s been known for many years – by politicians, religious leaders, entertainers, advertisers, teachers and more. Here’s a personal example. Recently, I’ve enjoyed some very useful new insights thanks to a metaphor from Jonathan Haidt in his fascinating book The Happiness Hypothesis. Haidt likens the mind …

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