Reinventing Organizations in Belfast

I got back last night from my first-ever visit to Northern Ireland. It was fascinating on multiple levels. I had my first chance to work with a brilliant Clean facilitator, Martin Snoddon, who’s been using Clean Language in peace-building for years: in Northern Ireland and elsewhere – including Ukraine, Israel/Palestine, South Africa and Haiti. I learned …

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Exploring flexibility

“Watch bamboo bend with the wind: it overcomes the wind by yielding to it. If it were stiff, it would break, but because it yields, it overcomes. Thus, weakness produces strength, and strength produces weakness.” This Taoist principle came to mind as I was completing three pieces of collaboration skills development work this week. Two …

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Do You Start With Goals?

When you start a project, do you start by setting goals? And if you don’t, does it matter? That’s been one of the lively topics of discussion this week in my Collaboration Skills Summer School. Turns I don’t usually start with goal-setting – and neither do several of my students. As with so many things …

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3 Key Collaboration Skills

What makes an expert collaborator? And how can you develop the high-value skills to collaborate effectively? In this 90-minute video conference, X-Ray Listener Judy Rees detailed 3 key skills collaboration experts use and how you can master them. Alternative link to Summer School details