Clean Language

Into hypnosis… and beyond

Just what is the relationship between hypnosis and Clean Language?   I’ve been going deeply into this question in recent days (…deeper and deeper… and noticing a certain sensation while drifting… floating… down…) and today’s video blog post by my good friend James Tripp has helped to crystalise my thinking.   He focusses on the …

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How does Instant X-Ray Listening actually work?

I recently tested a new approach to coaching: offering instant, short (30 minutes max) phone or skype sessions to anyone whose thinking was “stuck”. Many thanks to everyone who helped me trial the idea. It seems people certainly valued being able to get inexpensive help, from their own home. Most clients got the breakthrough they …

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Quieten the voice inside

What distracts you from listening fully to another person? For many people, it’s the ‘voice inside’ – their own internal commentator. This voice may be distracting for all kinds of reasons – it might be offering useful-sounding suggestions, putting forward opinions, criticising, or even talking about something completely different, such as “what’s for supper?” But …

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