How To Avoid A Business Divorce

My new client’s consultancy business was on the brink of collapse. It had happy customers, a full order book, and reasonable cashflow… but the two partners at the centre of the company were at daggers drawn. They were bickering constantly. Every email exchange ended in an argument. Contractors felt under pressure to take sides. Worst of all, the …

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How To Ask For Help

What are you like about asking for help? I hate it! Not all “asking for help”, of course. I don’t mind asking someone to lift the other end of a table, for example. But asking for real help, with stuff that matters? Just the thought of it brings a massive wave of emotion up through …

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What really causes anxiety?

I’ve been doing a lot of research recently into what really causes anxiety, while I’ve been putting together my new e-course, The Stress-Less Sprint. I was already convinced – from my own experience and from working with coaching clients – that the whole chronic stress/anxiety thing that so many people experience isn’t just down to …

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