Can Live Online Facilitation Be As Good As In-The-Room?

Looking to switch from in-the-room to remote / online / virtual training, facilitation or consulting – and still deliver an experience that’s just as good? I’d like to show you what can be possible.

Join me for a 90-minute Webinnexion – a webinar that connects. It will be a great investment in yourself – and fun too! The next is on 14 February: future dates will be announced here.

 The Accidental Master Remote Facilitator

I fell into remote facilitation by accident. As a newly-freelance trainer of Clean Language, an embodied coaching and facilitation methodology, I had a worldwide network of potential customers, but in-the-room classes weren’t economic. In those days people said it couldn’t be done. But despite the naysayers, I went ahead and ran courses live online using basic video tools… and the students loved it and learned loads! I’ve stayed on the leading edge of live online training, facilitation and consultancy ever since.

“Judy has managed to recreate an online learning experience at par with a live training room event. And I say this as a person who loves live in-person engagement. My webinar using her recipe was fun and personally satisfying. I received fabulous feedback from my participants and we are geared up for the next one soon.”

Dr Bhavana Nissima, NLP Trainer and Creativity Coach, India

The Webinnexion experience

The 90-minute Webinnexion session on is designed to hold your attention and keep you fully engaged throughout. It’s a rich mix of information, activities and small-group conversations: research shows that’s the blend most likely to help you to learn effectively, and to find ways to apply what you’ve learned.

You won’t be bored! By the same token you won’t be able to participate while driving or operating machinery. To join in, you need to call from a quiet place with a good internet connection, a webcam and a headset.

You’ll hear directly from me, and get your questions answered. And you’ll meet some interesting people who share your interests – but could be anywhere in the world. 

“Judy Rees is at the top of her game and possibly the leading thinker on facilitating remote meetings effectively. I recommend her and her work in a heartbeat.”

Paul Crick, Management Consultant, UK

In the 90 minutes you’ll discover:

  • What a truly engaging online event looks, sounds and feels like
  • The essential ingredients of webinars that connect
  • How this kind of format might be used in your own work
  • How your existing in-the-room facilitation toolkit might transfer to the online world
  • What you might want to learn to become a confident online facilitator. 

Move further into the mainstream of remote facilitation

If you like what you see and hear, you’ll want to know that the Rees McCann Partnership – that’s myself and Steve McCann – have developed a whole range of options for live-online training and geographically-distributed teams. We offer:

  • courses to help skilled in-the-room consultants, trainers and facilitators develop their live-online proficiency;
  • logistics, training and facilitation for live-online events such as conferences, unconferences and seminars; and
  • team development especially for distributed teams. 

“Do yourself a favor and contact Judy Rees. Her services are going to change everything you thought you knew about remote facilitation.”

Ricardo Mestre, Agile Coach, Trainer, Consultant, Speaker, Portugal

Jump in and join us!

We’d love you to participate in the Webinnexion – register for 14 February here.

If you’re not free on that day, we can let you know about future dates when you subscribe.

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