Scott: So Clean Language is very psychoactive – you feel what’s going on. So I think the question is, can you like, if we’re talking about hypnosis or Clean (it’s very similar in fact), if we’re exploring change, can you feel empowerment, can you feel effects, even though you’re sitting somewhere not immediately in front of me. For all intents and purposes you’re sitting in front of me as far as I know, just like when I’m watching a movie, I’m watching a Western with Xan its like, we don’t think that that’s miles and miles away. It’s in front of me now. So do you feel impact on what we were exploring, your metaphor etc? You still feel that even though we’re talking over wires.

Judy: Yes and I think one of the interesting things about it is that whole Clean idea about what’s my stuff and what’s your stuff? When I’m training people in the room, they often believe that what they… so if, let’s say I’m the facilitator you’re the client, we were both in the same room, as the facilitator I would see what was happening to you and I would feel certain things and I would believe that it was I was feeling is a result of some energetic emanation from you.

But actually what’s really happening is I’m observing certain things and as a result of those observations certain feelings are arising in me.

Online you can’t really sustain that myth any more. I understand that what I feel is not a direct result of what you’re doing but it’s actually as a result of what I’m thinking and that to me is a really….

Scott: That is awesome because then that’s such a Three Principles thing – so your experience is directly the result of your thought. That’s a great point. I’m feeling my thinking, I’m not feeling your thinking.

Judy: Now some people, possibly in the client role, want that magical “she’s feeling me, she’s feeling it”. But because people forget that they are on video when when we have this kind of connection, by the time you’re deep enough in for that to matter, you forgotten that it’s not true any more.

And yes, maybe you can still feel the same energetic connection over a thousand miles, I don’t know. But actually to my mind it’s much more likely that I observe what you’re doing and not my mirror neurons generates certain feeling.

Scott: One of the things I love about Clean is that like… I have an intuition about where I might want to go with the question what might, you know, help us go where the person wants to go, but I certainly don’t want to be thinking that I know that I know what’s going on in the other person. That is dangerous crap. You know, so that’s all me.

And I think Clean… one thing I got from Clean, maybe I push this a bit further than other people that is that we the only thing I know these world is that I have no clue what you mean or what’s going on for you The only way I can know is to ask and I still may not know but at least we can start navigating on some sort of… at least you might start to know. But if I start pretending… and so this idea of distance, like if we’re next to each other and I’m getting real kind of… you know what I mean this whole idea of your believing our instinct and going into intuition… I don’t want to be… maybe…

Judy: When I’m doing my best Clean Language work some of the most the most impactful sessions there’s a moment where it really feels like I’m channeling The Force and something which feels significantly bigger than me, which feels like it is not of me, appears to occur. But I still need to check in with the client that what I think happened, happened.

Scott: Exactly, and I love that.

Judy: Just because I’m going “wooo!” doesn’t mean anything’s really happening

Scott: Totally. I remember music is the same you can feel like it’s just all “Wow, this is so expressive, so wonderful!” and for you it might have been. That doesn’t mean that you connected with the other person.

You are thinking “oh, this is amazing”… It’s happened to me, we were in Switzerland it was like [slow clap] and I was like, “What! That was mind-blowing.” And of course after they came up and said, “That was really great” and I was like, “Are you taking the piss?” and they said, “No, I really enjoyed it!” I’m like, “You just went like that and you really enjoyed it?” and then I realised well, that was a different culture, they’re not that expressive!

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    3 replies to "How You Can Connect “Energetically” Over Distance"

    • Anand

      Having listened to this, it’s sounds like the base assumption is that humans are fundamentally separate and cannot ever really know what is happening for another. David Bohm believed there was a foundation below that of singular wholeness from which we all make our unique cognitive maps. I guess it depends on what you believe’ is the ‘base’ – whether you have ever experienced oneness with existence WITH another human being. Bryan Katie has a oneness view, but also claims ‘no two human beings have ever met’. I think coming down strongly in one view (I think there were a couple of certain and almost dismissive ‘well course, xyz can’t be the case’s in this video) .. that’s the only bits i would question … who knows … maybe we can know what the other is experiencing in a relative sense – like the shared ‘false memory’ in your other post – or Carl Jung’s collective unconscious – places and ways to connect that do not expressly need to be mediated through the physical world. The three principles guys say that everyone has their OWN interpretation system – who’s to say the interpretation systems aren’t in part ‘shared resources’ across many humans, like an online translation programme, the engine seems like it with everyone’s phone because they are translating different things, but actually it sits on a shared server somewhere else .. who’s to say reality (the internet etc.) are not progressively closer outside manifestations of internal no-localised structures … if fact, in a way, how can it not be?

    • Leo Searle

      Both are true. Yes, our thoughts create our emotional response as Judy says. And yes, communication across hundreds, even thousands of miles through clairyonce, telepathy and direct soul-to-soul communion are also true.

      Different levels of reality, that’s all.

      This comes from my direct experience, not theory, philosophy or something I read.

      Blessings to all.

    • Peter John Hirst

      I’m inclined to agree with Leo. The Three Principles teaches us that we all create and experience our own reality via Thought. We are all also powered by the same source so are in that way connected. We are all both receivers and transmitters so it is feasible that we can communicate remotely.

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