The 2 Lazy Jedi questions and the NLP Meta Model

If you’re familiar with NLP before you encounter the 2 Lazy Jedi questions (which are based on David Grove’s Clean Language) you might wonder about the relationship between these questions and an NLP questioning system, the Meta Model. The two systems are similar in a couple of ways: that they are questioning systems, for example, …

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Provocative Hypnosis: feeling the fear

As you may know, I’m in the process of launching a brand-new product, Intelligent Influence. And it’s scary! I’m stepping away from the familiar, tried-and-tested ways of talking and thinking about this material and throwing myself and my ideas into the potentially-hostile unknown. I’m laying myself open to criticism of not only my inevitable slip-ups …

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The storytelling elephant

Working with a marketing consultant on my new product launch, I’m being encouraged to call myself “The Elephant Whisperer”. It’s a label I’m pretty happy to wear. It’s based on a  metaphor of the person as being like an elephant and its rider – the elephant represents the subconscious mind, the rider, the conscious mind. …

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