3 Top Tips: Increasing Engagement In Online Meetings

Increasing Engagement In Online Meetings: 3 Top Tips from Judy Rees

I had five minutes. What were the 3 most effective things that leaders could do, to get people more engaged in online meetings?

Disengagement is a real poison for online meetings. People don’t expect much from online meetings, so they don’t invest much energy in them. Instead, they use the time to crack on with email etc.

But in organisations, meetings are where the action is! These are our opportunities to collaborate to solve problems – as well as to connect with each other and have some fun together. We need to escape the doom loop – low expectations driving low engagement, which leads to a poor meeting… leading to low expectations for next time.

So, my 3 top tips for increasing engagement in online meetings:

  • Use video
    • Makes it human-friendly, reduces multitasking
  • Plan for participation
    • Build relationships, reduce groupthink
  • Track and guide attention throughout
    • “The quality of your attention determines the quality of another person’s thought” Nancy Kline

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