Peter Wright’s very kind review of my brand-new video, The Mind Readers’ Guide To Metaphor Part 1: Hearing Hidden Metaphors, is below.

Look out! The video will be published any day now. Sneak peek here

Metaphor is all around us. And it’s our most widely used form of language born, as it is, out of our own unique and individual experiential understanding of “our world”.

In this video, Judy Rees, Clean Language expert and master of metaphor, takes us on a journey of discovery into the whole domain of expressing one thing in terms of another – and yes, this description is just scratching the surface of this broad and far-reaching subject.

Judy is no ordinary tour guide – as her sobriquet “The Elephant Whisperer” might suggest. She has an enthusiasm for, and an understanding of, the world of metaphor that is second to none. And in the video she introduces us to new meanings, subtleties, nuances and illustrations of the many ways we, and the people we engage in communication with, are expressing ourselves from day to day.

With almost timeless ease we are shown new ways of noticing metaphor, and how we can become more practiced at that noticing, and how we can use that practice to become better communicators with everyone around us. This will have a very profound effect on the closer interaction between ourselves and family,  friends, colleagues, team mates etc, because we are discovering and learning more about their worlds and, through this, raising the quality of our dialogues.

For anyone wanting to become more perceptive, more expressive, more influential and more persuasive, this video is more than an essential add-on to the linguistic toolkit. It’s a French window that shows you vistas of the landscape and also gives you unbridled access to the close-up experience of that landscape.”

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