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“The biggest change is in proactivity. People are more effective, and clear about their priorities.

We are all better at asking more thoughtful, better, productive questions that lead to clarity and to concrete actions.

And ultimately, we’re happier, because things are managed in a coordinated way and get done.”

Mike Pejcic, Interpeace (Consulting client, Geneva, Switzerland, and international)

“People are now engaging more effectively with each other.

They are also being more productive as they are structuring their questions and comments rather than rattling off a series of unstructured thoughts.

Another positive impact that we have seen is the reduction in conflicts due to misunderstandings. This can be a big time waster causing confusion and frustration.”

Corinne Knight, BSkyB (Consulting client, London, UK)

"I am deeply impressed with Judy's coaching skills and patience. She has helped me - with the use of Clean Language - to remove some major blocks, gain valuable insights and fire up my business decision-making confidence.

The whole experience has been profoundly transformational. It has empowered and enabled me to move out of my comfort zone and take massive action.

I'm very happy to recommend Judy's coaching to anyone in business looking to boost their confidence and find individual solutions to their challenges."
Andrew Joy (Coaching client, Cologne, Germany)

"This is so. Incredibly. AMAZING!!!!!  I am hooked for life!!

I have been implementing the material with my clients and I am absolutely astounded at how deep I am able to go.

I am even finding that this works on people who have cognitive impairments, who may not think linearly or logically.  INCREDIBLE results!!!"

Jason Franklin (Metaphor Mastery student, California, USA)