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with Clean Language

Discover what people really mean by what they say. Reveal how best to work with them; what motivates them; what blocks them... how you may be influencing them without even realising it. And help them to understand you better, too. 

Our Services

Help for Clean Language Learners 

If you want to learn the principles, practices and applications of Clean Language, whether you have some knowledge or you're a complete beginner, you're in the right place. Live courses, recorded audio and video, books, blog posts and supported practice and mentoring. More >

Personal Training and Coaching 

In a one-on-one session, solve problems, get unstuck and make progress. Experience a Clean session and tap into your innate imaginative intelligence - or be trained to use Clean in your specific context. Online, or in person in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Group Facilitation

Group facilitation in workshops, away days and retreats using Clean Language and metaphor. Learn about each other and tackle shared challenges together, online or in person.

Building Distributed communities

Building and developing Communities of Interest, Communities of Practice and Action Learning Sets to create better conversations in particular contexts.

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I really enjoy your linkletters around Clean Language, always interesting and inspiring! It's the only newsletter I actually read. I like the layout, and for me it is just the right amount of content, love it!

Silke Schmidt-Pfeiffer


Case sudy: Clean in Higher Education
OFFER: Practical Clean Language 

Curious about Clean Language – but unclear about how to make it work for you in the real world? In my Practical Clean Language programme you’ll learn fast! Less than half price for a limited period. More details >

Live course: Better Conversations

Discover the hidden secrets of this career-critical leadership skill in six one-hour online classes. Then, deliver the course (based on Clean Language) to your teams to spread the benefits. More details >

What they're saying...

Dr David Lee GP

MEdical leader

"Clean Language is a highly effective, easy to learn tool that allows clinicians to work with people in a respectful but highly impactful way. At times this impact is breathtaking. Judy Rees provides expert tuition which allows clinicians to rapidly implement and hone Clean Language approaches." 

Richard De La Rosa 

senior manager, user experience, apple 

"Today's session is proof that its possible to learn new concepts that can be immediately applied and played with to expand your toolkit in exponential ways - all in less than an hour. Bravo, Judy Rees!" 

Sabine Coulon


“A crisp, powerful, highly recommended session for anyone wanting to improve their impact as a leader, a coach, a designer. This piece of knowledge is also likely to make you a better person and increase your impact in doing good stuff.”

Meet The Team

Judy Rees

Judy Rees is the co-author of the bestselling book Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds and has taught the subject globally for more than 15 years. She also uses the approach in her group facilitation and one-on-one coaching.

Steve McCann

Judy's husband Steve McCann had an interesting international career working with people in complex and hostile parts of the world before becoming deeply involved in creating practical applications for Clean Language within organisations.

Welcome to Clean Language

Welcome to Clean Language: a way to inspire greater understanding through better conversations. Conversations that foster understanding, resolve conflicts, drive innovation, build relationships, promote mental health, advance education, achieve political and social progress, address global challenges, and empower individuals. 

Clean Language helps us to develop mutual clarity so that we can align our perspectives, get clear on what matters, what we'd like to have happen, and what's needed.

By improving our shared understanding, we can work together better in collaborative teams and networks; improve the quality of information on which we base our decisions; and ultimately create a more harmonious and prosperous world.


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