What kind of editor are you?

Hypnotic storyteller Robin Manuell has a great take on the famous Disney Strategy for creativity.

For him, the three ‘positions’ in the sequence are Imagineer, Realiser and Editor, rather than Dreamer, Realist and Critic (or “Spoiler”).

Similar, I know, but definitely different. And the subtle differences between the words make a big difference when it comes to using the strategy in the real world.

Whoever wants to be a ‘critic’, particularly of things connected with their own big dreams? Or worse still, a ‘spoiler’?

An expert ‘editor’ on the other hand, can’t help add value.

She’ll be bringing in her knowledge of the marketplace, of what really sells, and of how other people have done this kind of thing successfully.

She’ll be tweaking the language to bring out the best and most powerful points, while correcting the dodgier grammar and spelling.

She’ll be asking great questions.

She’ll be making your great work really sing.

That’s how it seems to me, at any rate. How does it work for you?


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