The magic of questions

Have you ever noticed how magical questions can be? And have you ever wondered how that works? Whenever we are asked a question, we instantly search for an answer: it’s almost a reflex action. And that gives questions – and questioners – phenomenal power. Because by asking the right kind of questions, you can direct…

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How does Instant X-Ray Listening actually work?

I recently tested a new approach to coaching: offering instant, short (30 minutes max) phone or skype sessions to anyone whose thinking was “stuck”. Many thanks to everyone who helped me trial the idea. It seems people certainly valued being able to get inexpensive help, from their own home. Most clients got the breakthrough they…

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Harnessing the power of your attention

I wonder if you realise just how valuable your attention can be? As Nancy Kline puts it: “The quality of your attention determines the quality of other people’s thinking.” If you’re an expert in a particular subject, it’s easy to believe that people pay you for your expertise, your knowledge, your advice. But in fact…

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