How does Instant X-Ray Listening actually work?

I recently tested a new approach to coaching: offering instant, short (30 minutes max) phone or skype sessions to anyone whose thinking was “stuck”. Many thanks to everyone who helped me trial the idea. It seems people certainly valued being able to get inexpensive help, from their own home. Most clients got the breakthrough they…

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What happened to the parrot?

A former mentor of mine, my old journalism lecturer Gerry Kreibich, has been writing his memoirs online. One of his posts includes an excellent reminder of the need to stay “Clean” when interviewing – that is, to avoid guesses, presuppositions and speculations, to ask simple, open questions in a logical sequence – and how difficult…

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Listening Tip: Use their language

People’s words are important to them. Even when we speak the same language, there are differences in the way we use words – professional groups have their own jargon, young people have their fashionable phrases and so on. In fact, once you explore the detail, each person uses language in a unique way, and the…

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