Tickets are now available for Metaphorum 2, on 31 March 2017

Welcome to Metaphorum 2016

A global online unconference for Clean Language* and metaphor enthusiasts on 9 September

The very first online Clean Language and metaphor unconference,
bringing together practitioners worldwide to share their experiences and ideas,
learn from each other, build connections and spark new developments


What We Had Planned...

This year's theme is How Are You Using Clean Language?

  • Fully Online

    We’ll connect via the internet, using a suite of Zoom videoconference rooms of various sizes

  • Co-Created

    Participants can propose and host their own sessions on topics that matter to them

  • Inspiring

    You’ll end the day with a bunch of new insights, new connections, and new inspiration

What Would You Like To Have Happen?

We expect there'll be something happening from at least 10am to 10pm UK time, with people joining from all around the world.

Early bird tickets only £27 for a day-long unconference. Supporter tickets are now SOLD OUT


* If you're asking "What's Clean Language?" check out this article, my ebook or this online course.